Monday, August 21, 2017

"The Mist" - Season Finale

Sneak Peek the Season Finale episode of the science-fiction horror TV series "The Mist" titled "The Tenth Meal", airing August 24, 2017 on SPIKE:

"...An unexplained mist slowly envelops the town of 'Bridgeville', Maine, creating an almost impenetrable barrier to visibility. The residents of the town soon learn the situation is even more precarious as hidden within the mist are numerous monsters of various sizes that attack and kill anything that moves.

"In 'The tenth Meal', expelled from the safety of the mall, 'Kevin', 'Eve', 'Alex', 'Mia' and 'Jay' do what they can to survive..."

Cast includes Morgan Spector as 'Kevin Copeland', Alyssa Sutherland as 'Eve Copeland', Gus Birney as 'Alex Copeland', Danica Curcic as 'Mia Lambert', Okezie Morro as 'Bryan Hunt'/'Jonah Dixon', Luke Cosgrove as 'Jay Heisel', Darren Pettie as 'Connor Heisel', Russell Posner as 'Adrian Garff' and Frances Conroy as 'Nathalie Raven'.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Mist"...