Tuesday, August 08, 2017

"The Mighty Crusaders" - Wide Screen Superheroics

Archie Comics' has confirmed they will be rebooting their 1960's comic book property "The Mighty Crusaders", with a new series launch November 2017, that according to Archie Comics' CEO Jon Goldwater, aims " tell fun, wide screen superheroics":

"These are beloved, iconic characters and it’s time we dust them off and let them shine for what they are...

"...amazing superhero properties that deserve a bigger spotlight," said Goldwater.

"The Mighty Crusaders", was co-created by "Superman" writer Jerry Siegel in 1965, following revivals of other Archie-owned superhero characters including 'The Shield', 'Black Hood' and 'Hangman'.

The original 'Mighty Crusaders' debuted in Archie Comics' "Fly Man" #31", #32 and "33" before launching their own title. The team was revived in Archie's 'Red Circle Comics' line in 1983 and in 1992 DC Comics licensed the characters and relaunched the team.'

The Shield', a star-spangled crime-fighter was created before 'Captain America', debuting in MLJ's "Pep Comics" #1 (Jan. 1940), created by writer Harry Shorten and illustrator Irv Novick...

....debuting as the comic book industry's first patriotically themed hero. 

He was soon followed by three other patriotic comic characters, from different companies including "Minute-Man" (Feb. 1941), "Captain America" (March 1941), and "Captain Battle" (May 1941).

The original 'Shield', 'Joe Higgins', is the son of 'Lieutenant Tom Higgins' who was slain in an explosion orchestrated by Third Reich saboteur 'Hans Fritz', while Tom was working on a chemical formula for super-strength. 

Joe finally figured out the solution, by applying chemicals to parts of his anatomy including 'Sacrum', 'Heart', 'Innervation', 'Eyes','Lungs' and'Derma', also using x-rays to give him super strength. The initials also gave him his name.

'Victoria Adams', debuted as a female 'Shield', October 2015. 

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