Tuesday, August 08, 2017

"The Gifted" - 'Beautiful Dreamer'

Producers of the Marvel TV, live-action drama series "The Gifted", confirmed that Marvel Comics character 'Beautiful Dreamer' will be revealed in the second episode, portrayed by Elena Satine ("Smallville"):

"One of the things about her character," said "The Gifted" showrunner Matt Nix, " a really sexy power..."

The first episode, directed by Bryan Singer, follows two parents (Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker) and their 'mutiet' children (Natalie Alyn Lind', Percy Hynes White), on the run from a hostile government:

"...two ordinary parents 'Reed' and 'Caitlin Strucker', take their family on the run from the government...

"...when they discover their children have 'mutant' abilities...

"...joining an underground community of mutants who all have to fight to survive..."

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