Monday, August 21, 2017

Natalie Portman: "Miss Dior"

Sneak Peek new images of Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman ("Black Swan") in the latest "Miss Dior Eau de Parfum" campaign, posing in Dior’s spring 2017 'Haute Couture' collection photographed by David Bellemere:

"I don't mean to criticize anyone in any way that I wouldn't criticize myself," said Portman. 

"I think people should have fun, and have a good time, and enjoy the luck that we have to be lazy and dwell in consumerism. But I think that it's a balance. And our job as actors is empathy.

"I think all girls in the world wish they were a Parisian girl - that sort of effortless chic confidence and comfort in their own skin..."

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