Monday, August 14, 2017

"Deadpool 2" - Stunt Driver Killed- Production Shut Down

According to VancouverFilm.Net, a female stunt driver, filming a motorcycle sequence was killed in downtown Vancouver, during the shooting of Deapool 2", in what seems to be a weekly death toll for stunt performers, following the death of a professional stuntman last month on the set of "The Walking Dead":

The incident is being investigated by the Vancouver Police Dept and 'WorkSafeBC'. The British Columbia Coroner’s Service is also investigating.

"We have opened an investigation", said a spokesman. "We have a mandate to prevent future deaths..."

According to eyewitnesses, the crew was filming the woman riding the motorcycle at high speed down a set of stairs at the 'Vancouver Convention Centre', stopping at the street. On the last attempt, she crossed the street and swerved to avoid pedestrians, losing control and crashing through a building window at the 'Shaw Tower' near 'Jack Poole Plaza' in Vancouver.

Apparently the ambulance turned its lights and siren off when life-support for the performer failed. "Deadpool 2" has now been shut down 'indefnitely'...

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