Thursday, August 24, 2017

"Amazing Spider-Man: The Sinister Six"

Marvel Comics' "Spider-Man" #234, available November 2017, showcasing 'The Sinister Six' (in current development at Sony as a "Spider-Man' spin-off stand-alone feature) is written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Oscar Balduza, with covers by Patrick Brown, Mark Bagley, Mike McKone and Sanford Greene:

" Sinister Six' Reborn', part 1, the world of 'Miles' has been shaken a lot lately, but nothing will compare to what the mysterious 'Iron-Spider' and his brand new 'Sinister Six' will do. 'Sandman', 'Hobgoblin', 'The Spot', 'Electro' and 'Bombshell' join this mystery villain to make Miles' life a living hell..."

The Sinister Six first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (January 1964), by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko:

"...after suffering three defeats in a row from 'Spider-Man', 'Doctor Octopus' is separated from his tentacle pack. After his tentacle pack breaks free and helps Doctor Octopus get out of prison, he contacts every known supervillain who had crossed paths with Spider-Man. But only 'Vulture', 'Electro', 'Kraven the Hunter', 'Mysterio' and 'Sandman' respond. 

"The Sinister Six kidnap 'Aunt May' and 'Daily Bugle' secretary 'Betty Brant'...

"...holding them hostage in order to force Spider-Man to confront them..."

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