Friday, June 02, 2017

Kate Winslet - A Wing and A Prayer

Sneak Peek new images of "Titanic" actress Kate Winslet in the latest issue of "L’Express Styles", photographed by Peter Lindbergh, wardrobed in designs by Michael Kors, Ann Demeulemeester, M. Martin and a whole lot more:

"Strike while the iron's hot," said Winslet about her film acting career. "Get in there and remind them I’m around..."

"I think it's helpful to a leading actor to have people around you who aren’t being excitable or talking about what they’re going to do on the weekend. 

"It’s like, 'Fuck me, I’ve got a whole bloody half-an-act to shoot. Don’t ask me what I’m doing on Saturday night..."

"I want to always be doing this. I want to grow and I want to change and I want to freak myself out...I have not wasted a second..."

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