Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Jessica Jones" - 'Kilgrave' Commands

Sneak Peek extended footage from the Netflix TV series "Jessica Jones", starring Krysten Ritter, showcasing the fate of super-villain 'Kilgrave' (David Tennant):

"...'Kevin Thompson', aka 'Kilgrave' (Tennant) was a man who was experimented on by his parents since his childhood in order to treat a neurodegenerative disease, but the treatment ended up giving him the new ability to control people's minds at his will. 

"Assuming the name 'Kilgrave', he began to use his powers for personal gain and developed a cruel nature, eventually coming across 'Jessica Jones' who he kept as his personal sex slave for several months.

"Kilgrave became obsessed and fascinated with Jones, even falling in love and hunting her down since she managed to overcome his thrall...

"...using 'Hope Shlottman' and 'Malcolm Ducasse' to get closer to her and trying to manipulate her into staying with him.

"Kilgrave's quest for a loving future with Jones soon fell apart when she tried to have him arrested and furious at the betrayal, he focused his efforts on enhancing his powers. 

"He was eventually cornered while trying to escape New York City and had his neck broken by Jones..."

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