Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Preacher" - Season Two

Sneak Peek more new images, plus footage from Season Two of the live-action comic book adaptation "Preacher", including Dominic Cooper as 'Jesse', Ruth Negga as 'Tulip' and Joseph Gilgun as 'Cassidy', returning June 25, 2017 on AMC:

"...when 'Jesse Custer', a small-town preacher with a criminal past, realizes a 'Higher Power' is absent from 'Heaven', hee sets out to find Him. Along for the ride are 'Tulip', Jesse's volatile true love and 'Cassidy', a 119-year-old Irish vampire and Jesse's best mate.

"The gang ends up in New Orleans, where they must dodge local gangsters, dangerous secret agents in white suits, and the 'Saint of Killers', an unstoppable psychopath cowboy from Hell..."

"Preacher", the 75-issue comic book series published by Vertigo, an imprint of DC Comics, was created by writer Garth Ennis and illustrator Steve Dillon, showcasing painted covers by Glenn Fabry.

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