Wednesday, March 08, 2017

"Carrie Pilby" - Coming Of Age

Sneak Peek the new comedy feature "Carrie Pilby" directed by Susan Johnson and written by Kara Holden, Dean Craig, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by author Caren Lissner, starring Bel Powley, Nathan Lane, Gabriel Byrne, Jason Ritter, William Moseley, Vanessa Bayer and Colin O'Donoghue, opening in limited release March 31, 2017:

"...'Carrie Pilby' is a 19-year-old genius who graduated early from 'Harvard College', with no idea how to fit in, date, or talk to other people after college. She believes the majority of people in her hometown, New York City, to be sex-obsessed, immoral and hypocrites.

"She felt the same way about students who did dangerous things in college, like drinking to excess and having sex, and as a result felt very isolated, although she confesses that she reluctantly lost her virginity to a professor there.

"Her therapist in New York gives her a five-point plan to test her beliefs, including forcing herself to go on blind dates and attend parties.

"She meets a cast of characters who challenge her beliefs, and she even becomes attracted to a man whose views she detests.

"Ultimately, Carrie faces a universal coming-of-age question: Which tradeoffs, if any, are acceptable in order to fit in?..."

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