Tuesday, February 07, 2017

"Stan Lee's Annihilator"

"Stan Lee's Annihilator" is an upcoming action adventure feature from Falconer Pictures, written by "Spider-Man' creator Lee with screenwriter Dan Gilroy ("Nightcrawler"), following a martial artist (Wang Leehom) who enlists in the US 'Super Soldier' program:

"... 'Ming' (Leehom) must choose between remaining in prison or enlist in a secret US super soldier program. The program uses targeted genetic enhancements from various animal species. Ming chooses to undergo this nearly fatal procedure and through his extreme resolve, gained as a result of his family's tradition of practicing 'Qigong' and martial arts, he survives.

"Now, armed with remarkable abilities, he must confront a former rival with his own set of enhanced faculties. Our reluctant hero is forced not only to face his personal demons, but also to defeat the villain who will destroy everything that he knows and loves..."

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