Friday, February 24, 2017

"Gotham" - Enter Morena Baccarin

Sneak Peek new revealing images of "Gotham" and "Deadpool" actress Morena Baccarin posing for a recent issue of "GQ" (Mexico) magazine:

"My mom is an actress", said Baccarin. "She never really pushed me into it, and it was never something I thought I would be doing.

"She was very happy I decided to, but she certainly doesn't offer me criticism because she knows I'd tell her to shut up! Nobody wants to hear that from their mum!..."

"Women work as much as men now, if not more. There's a resurgence of dads in the home and moms working.

"I'd love to do more movies. Just because I'm interested in the medium very much...

"I've done a lot of theatre at this point, and I've done a lot of TV.

"I've done a few independent films, but a lot of them have not seen the light of day. It'd be really nice to be in a film that gets out there..."

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