Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"The Flash: Dead Or Alive"

Sneak Peek "The Flash" episode "Dead or Alive", written by Benjamin Raab, Deric A. Hughes, Zack Stentz and directed by Harry Jierjian, airing January 31, 2017 on The CW:

"...the past of 'H.R.' (Tom Cavanagh) catches up with him when a female bounty hunter with 'vibe powers' named 'Gypsy' (Jessica Camacho) arrives in 'Central City'...

" bring him back to 'Earth-19' to stand trial for his crime. It turns out inter-dimensional travel is illegal on their Earth.

"H.R. surrenders but when 'Barry' (Grant Gustin) and 'Cisco' (Carlos Valdes) find out that H.R.'s only hope would be to challenge Gypsy to a fight to the death, they intercede and Cisco offers to fight Gypsy instead..."

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