Wednesday, January 04, 2017

"Red Agent: The Human Order"

Take a look @ Zenescope Entertainment's "Red Agent: The Human Order" #1, written by Lou Iovinoand illustrated by Wilson Santos, Chiara Colsanti, Daniel Maine, Renan Shody, Ario Murti, with covers by Richard Ortiz, Robert Atkins, Jamie Tyndall and Salvatore Cuffari:

"...the world has become a dangerous place. Monsters from the 'Realms of Power' hide in plain sight. 

"Now the world’s leaders are looking to exploit their powers for their own gain, using them as spies and assassins for covert missions.

"But the 'Highborn' initiative is there to balance the scales with their own group of super powered spies. Led by 'Britney Waters', aka 'Red Agent', her team travels the world battling the forces of evil that lurks in the shadowy world of espionage and secret intelligence.

"Now an international Highborn terrorist with a deadly power is on the loose. 'Britney' and the team are summoned to Europe to help capture or eliminate this unpredictable threat.

"The team's formidable skills are put to the test when they are faced with an adversary who doesn't rely on brawn and might or cunning and stealth. This time, their foe's weapon is thin air itself -- and there's plenty of that to go around..."

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