Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Top 5 Canadian Movies ?

The Canadian film industry produces numerous blockbuster features, as well as popular TV series, in an entertainment business mostly financed by US Hollywood studios:

Some notable 'Hollywood North' movies produced over the years include "2012", "X-Men: The Last Stand", "Man of Steel", "Star Trek Beyond", "Tron: Legacy", "Titanic", and "I, Robot", all filmed in Vancouver, with "Kick-Ass" and "Suicide Squad" shot in Toronto.

But truly 'Canadian' movies, produced and directed by Canadian film-makers, are not as well known around the world as their US counterparts. Is it because the Canadian government investing tax dollars into properties, insist their films be representational 'art', while Hollywood films only care about profit ?

Chances are, you will never see a slot machine based on "Jesus of Montreal", or "Goin' Down The Road"...

...while Hollywood's "Terminator" and "Jurassic Park" movies have popped @ the 'Royal Vegas Online Casino' as slot games. 

The Royal Vegas, just like Hollywood, is in the entertainment business. However, the list below of the top 5 Canadian films are unlikely to make it into its game library:

5. "Léolo"

"Léolo" follows a young man on the road to adulthood, fantasizing about his lovely neighbor Bianca (Giuditta del Vecchio). Directed by Jean-Claude Lauzon, the film won a 'Genie Award' for Best Screenplay, Best Costumes and Best Editing.

4. "Jesus of Montreal"

This satirical drama follows a group of actors who anger the church by mixing up modern theories about historical Jesus into their 'passion play'. The church turns against the author of the play, while his life begins to resemble the New Testament. "Jesus Of Montreal" was nominated for an 'Academy Award', also winning the 'Jury Prize' at Cannes.

3. "Goin' Down The Road"

Director Don Shebib's unforgettable, 1970 feature, written by William Fruet and shot on the streets of Toronto, follows two East Coast friends who leave the rural province of Nova Scotia to make it big in Toronto. Unfortunately things don't turn out the way they expected.

2. "Mon Oncle Antoine"

In this social and political drama, circa 1949, the conditions in Quebec's French-speaking conservative and cleric-dominated society, is revealed from the point of view of a teenager. 

1. "Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner"

Written/directed by Inuit filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk, "Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner", recalls an 'Inuit' legend passed down through generations. The film won a 'Golden Camera' award at Cannes and a 'Genie Award' for 'Best Picture'.

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