Tuesday, December 27, 2016

RIP 'Princess Leia'

According to reports, actress Carrie Fisher has died at the age of 60: 

"...'Leia Organa' infiltrated the palace of 'Jabba the Hut' to free 'Han Solo' from 'carbonite'. However, she was captured by Jabba and forced to wear a skimpy dancing girl's outfit. Enslaved by the mighty Jabba, the rebel princess sat beside her new master on his dais, with a few pillows for comfort. 

"A collar with a chain attached around her neck allowed Jabba to bend her to his will, until she rebelled against him, strangling him with the very leash he used to keep her captive..."

Action figures produced by Hasbro, showcasing 'Princess Leia'  in her sexy slave outfit had 'upset' certain Parent groups, who seemed OK with toys depicting weaponized 'super-assassins' 'Black Widow' and 'Gamora'.

Carrie Fisher, at the time responded by tweeting :

"A Slave Leia Doll causing OUTRAGE, I'm thinking-if folks R outraged NOW, shouldnt I have been OUTRAGED 40 yrs ago? MAYBE I WAS!

"That chain only "enslaved" me until I could use the thing to KILL THAT DROOLING SWOLLEN SUPER TONGUED SLUG & whirl him off into infinity..."

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