Wednesday, November 02, 2016

A Note From Cara Delevingne


"Fancy a tea date in London? With ME? It could be yours… and all it takes to enter is a small donation to the amazing 'Project 0'. Your money will help their work protecting our world’s oceans.

"If you win, we’ll fly you and a friend to London, get you all set up in a hotel, and I’ll take you out for tea at one of my favorite spots.

"Want more chances to win? Easy – just increase your donation to Project 0! And check out all the rewards that come with higher donations… I’ll even create artwork just for you to use for a tattoo! Or did you see the new t-shirt we created?! It’s all there!

"Thank you so much for considering a donation to Project 0. Together we can help them continue their incredible work.


Click here for more "PROJECT 0".