Monday, October 10, 2016

'Spider-Man' : "The Clone Conspiracy"

Sneak Peek Marvel Comics' "The Clone Conspiracy" #1, available October 12, 2016, written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Jim Cheung, Ron Frenz, with covers by Gabriele Dell'Otto, Mark Bagley, Jim Cheung and Alexander Lozano:

"...the 'Jackal' is back and where he goes, the clones are sure to follow, offering some super- villains a chance to be reunited with their lost loved ones in exchange for loyalty.

"Now, outmatched and outgunned, 'Spider-Man' must take on the 'Rhino', the 'Lizard', 'Electro' and even the returning 'Doctor Octopus'.

"But they're not the only ones returning from the grave..."

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