Thursday, September 08, 2016

"Krypton" - The '"Man Of Steel" Prequel

Syfy has greenlit David S. Goyer's TV pilot "Krypton" as a "Man Of Steel" prequel, following the grandfather of Superman, two generations before 'Kal-El' landed on Earth:

"...the series will follow Superman’s grandfather — whose 'House of El' was ostracized and shamed — as he fights to redeem his family’s honor and save his beloved world from chaos...."

"It won’t be wall to wall visual effects every single moment," said Goyer.

"...we’ll also be digging into the characters and the culture a lot more", similar to DC Comics' "Man of Steel" movie prequel, written by Sterling Gates and illustrated by Jerry Ordway:

"...the mystery of the empty, open 'cryo-pod' in the movie 'Man of Steel' is no mystery at all: 

"...the sarcophagus' missing incumbent is 'Kara Zor-El', aka 'Supergirl'.

"Set in the 'Krypton' planet's pre-apocalypse past, 20,000 years ago, Kara faces tragedy, battling Krypton’s first murderer in centuries, 'Dev-Em' and terraforming in a 'Fortress of Solitude' scout craft. 

"But Dev-Em’s interference, leads to the accident that plants her ship under the ice on 'Ellesmere Island'. A dream in cryo-sleep hints at the powers in store for her under the influence of Earth’s yellow sun..."

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