Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"The Vampire Diaries: Children Of The Damned"

Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis from "The Vampire Diaries" episode "Children Of The Damned", written by Sean Reycraft, Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec and directed by David Barrett, that aired January 21, 2010 on The CW:

" flashbacks, 'Stefan' and 'Damon' recall the long-ago actions taken by the town's people including their father, 'Giuseppe Salvatore' and 'Pearl' leading to the devastating events that caused the rift in their relationship.

"In the present, a date between 'Bonnie' and 'Ben' takes a frightening turn, while 'Elena' helps Stefan as he and Damon race to find the missing journal that belonged to Elena's ancestor.

"Stefan learns the reason behind 'Alaric' and his interest in both the journal and the town's history. Damon discovers that an old acquaintance has returned to town with an agenda he can understand..."

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