Tuesday, August 02, 2016

"The Shadow: The Death Of Margo Lane"

Dynamite Entertainment's "The Shadow: The Death Of Margo Lane" #2, available August 3, 2016 is written and illustrated by Matt Wagner, with a cover by Wagner:

"...months after the tragic loss of his companion 'Margo Lane', 'The Shadow' grows frustrated in his efforts to find those responsible for her demise, including the mysterious 'Red Empress' and her 'Tong' gang.

"Growing increasingly grim and merciless in his pursuit, the 'Master of Darkness' finally uncovers a clue that points to a certain Chinatown nightclub.

"Our hero leads a strike team of his most trusted agents in a raid on the lair of the Red Empress.

"Will The Shadow's quest for vengeance ultimately push him over the edge, into a path of madness...?"

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