Thursday, August 04, 2016

"The Adventures Of Super Pup"

Take a look @ images from the 1958 unaired TV pilot "The Adventures Of Super Pup" from the producers of the classic "Adventures of Superman" TV series, featuring the first TV portrayal of 'Superman' characters as humanoid-dogs:

"...'Pamela Poodle' is the victim of evil 'Professor Sheepdip', who has tied her to a rocket that will be launched into space. Only 'Super Pup can save the day..."

Television producer Whitney Ellsworth created a pilot that placed the 'Superman' mythos into a fictional universe populated by dogs instead of human beings. 

The live-action actors were placed in dog-head suits to portray the canine versions of the characters. 

The pilot was filmed on the same sets/locations as "The Adventures of Superman", with all roles portrayed by 'little people'.

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