Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"Mars Attacks: Occupation"

Sneak Peek IDW Publishing's "Mars Attacks: Occupation" #5, available August 17, 2016, written by John Layman and illustrated by Andy Kuhn, with covers by John McCrea, Ryan Brown and Ed Repka. Plus take a look @ footage of the Martian bodycount from Tim Burton's 1996 feature "Mars Attacks!":

"...the 'Martians' came. The Martians saw. The Martians conquered. Now the space invaders cruelly rule over humanity, but 'Ruby Johnson' has something to say about that..."

Before it became a movie (1996), "Mars Attacks" was a science fiction themed trading card series, released in 1962, featuring illustrations by artists Wallace Wood and Norman Saunders.

In that scenario, the invasion of Earth by 'Martians' is under the command of a corrupt Martian government who conceal the fact from the martian populace, that Mars is doomed to explode and therefore proposes a colonization of Earth.

The cards depict futuristic battle scenes and bizarre methods of Martian attack. The story concludes with an expeditionary force of humans volunteering to embark on a counterattack on Mars, in which the Earth force attacks the Martians. This necessitates the Martian invasion troops to be recalled to defend their Martian home-world.

The Earth attack force subsequently place armed nuclear devices on Mars and departs just before Mars is destroyed in the predicted cataclysm...

...thus ensuring the peace and safety of Earth as the Martian race is doomed to extinction.

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