Saturday, August 27, 2016

"Doctor Strange" - More New Villains

According to reports from Marvel Studios' "Doctor Strange", a powerful super-villain from Marvel Comics'  Stan Lee and Steve Ditko may be realized into live-action for the new film:

'Dormammu' first appeared in Marvel Comics' "Strange Tales" #126 (November 1964), created by writer Lee and co-plotter/illustrator Steve Ditko.

Described as something worse than a demon, it is unknown exactly how ancient he is, as he inhabits an alien realm, separate from the rest of the 'Marvel Universe', that defies the laws of physics as understood on Earth.

But what is known is that the character is an inter-dimensional being composed of energy that can be used to achieve almost any effect he desires, including energy projection, matter manipulation, resizing, teleportation, possession, necromancy, the bestowing of power and the creation of entities.

He is known to have already existed at the creation of the current netherworlds, to have clashed with 'Agamotto' hundreds of millions of years ago, to have served as the primary enemy of the 'Vishanti' ever since, and to have been considered an extreme threat by the mages of pre-cataclysm 'Atlantis'.

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