Monday, July 11, 2016

Resurrection For Bowie's "The Man Who Fell To Earth"

Director Nicolas Roeg's 1976 science fiction feature "The Man Who Fell to Earth", starring David Bowie, continues with a 4K restoration in time for the film's 40th Anniversary this year:

Led by StudioCanal and Deluxe London, the restoration is based on a 4K scan of the original camera negative, followed by a full 4K workflow, with the approval of original cinematographer Anthony Richmond. It has been in the works since late 2015.

"...'Thomas Jerome Newton' is a humanoid alien who comes to Earth from a distant planet on a mission to take water back to his home planet, which is experiencing a catastrophic drought.

"Newton uses the advanced technology of his home planet to patent many inventions on Earth, and acquires incredible wealth as the head of a technology-based conglomerate, 'World Enterprises Corporation', aided by leading patent attorney 'Oliver Farnsworth'.

"His wealth is needed to construct his own space vehicle with the intention of shipping water back to his planet. But while revisiting New Mexico, Newton meets 'Mary-Lou', a lonely, unloved, and simple girl who works as a maid, bell-hop, and elevator operator in a small hotel.

"Mary-Lou introduces Newton to many customs of Earth, including alcohol, sex and rock 'n roll...

"...and it all goes downhill from there..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Man Who Fell To Earth"...