Friday, July 01, 2016

"Black Widow" - Agent. Avenger.

Marvel Comics' new "Black Widow" series debuted March 2, 2016 from the Eisner Award-winning team of writer Mark Waid and illustrator Chris Samnee, in anticipation of a "Black Widow" solo stand-alone feature from Marvel Studios:

"'Natasha' has spent years gathering secrets, and when some of the darkest ones begin mysteriously going public, no one is safe. With her betrayed former confederates at 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' on her heels and a lifetime of training and ingenuity at her disposal, Natasha’s out for answers in a knock-down-drag-out tale of action and espionage! Hidden enemies, old friends and unusual allies collide, and all eyes are on 'Black Widow'. The chase is on!..."

"...then it's the funeral of 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' as top brass gather to bury one of their own, making an attractive target. Lucky for 'Maria Hill', the agency’s persona non grata, 'Black Widow', is still watching over them. But that could mean Natasha will have a hard time watching her own back!..."

"...the 'Weeping Lion' has 'Black Widow' under his thumb. Until Natasha learns his true motivations, she's trapped playing his personal weapon and spy. He's controlling the best in the world, and sending her to the place she never wanted to go: home..."

"Nearly dead after her last mission, Natasha struggles to complete her latest assignment from the Weeping Lion. But she’ll get by with a little help from old friends. Although old enemies lie in wait. She must recover the missing files from the 'Red Room' by infiltrating its newest incarnation: 'The Dark Room'..."

"The Weeping Lion has released the Black Widow's most dangerous secret into the world. Now Natasha is on a collision course with the 'Invincible Iron Man'. Even if they survive 'Civil War II', the 'Avengers' will never be the same!..."

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