Thursday, June 02, 2016

Top Ridiculous Scenes In Movies

Some movies have been accused of stretching reality in order to keep their stories 'flowing', with viewers usually forced to suspend their disbelief. Then there are those moments when we admit there are plot devices in some serious films that are just plain ridiculous including "Kill Bill: Vol. 2", "Face/Off", "Run Lola Run", "The Untouchables" and "Rocky":

"KILL BILL: Vol. 2"

In writer/director Quentin Tarantino's 2004 revenge action thriller, 'Beatrice' (Uma Thurman) aka 'The Bride' embarks on a slice 'n dice rampage, to take out the 'Deadly Vipers' gang of killers that left her for dead on her wedding day.

Unfortunately her quest is near-terminated by 'Budd', the brother of 'Bill'  who shoots her in the chest and, with the help of 'Elle Driver', buries Bea in a coffin - alive.

Recalling the teachings of her master 'Pai Mei', and her struggles in punching through a wooden board, a determined Bea eventually tears her way through the wooden lid of the coffin...

...crawling out of the grave and stumbling down the road like a zombie, with a renewed vigour to carry out her mission of revenge.


From a lit cigarette that ends the life of a face-swapping mad scientist, to heavy-duty magnetic prison boots, this 1997 action adventure has it all, as FBI agent 'Sean Archer' (John Travolta)...

...surgically switches faces with his mass-killing arch enemy 'Castor Troy' (Nicholas Cage). 

But the most ludicrous event is when Troy tries to make his getaway in a plane, with Archer ramming a helicopter into it, forcing the aircraft to skid off the runway and crash into a warehouse filled to the brim with fireworks (obviously).


In the classic 1998 German-lensed  thriller, "Run Lola Run", 'Lola' (Franke Potente) tries to pay off her low-life boyfriend's debts of $100,000, by tapping her Dad who runs a bank. But Daddy says 'nein', forcing Lola into more desperate get rich quick schemes including robbing a supermarket.

In a state of total desperation she plays a game of roulette and her luck begins to change just as popular casino games over the years have also changed, including a Canadian casino resource from that will give you information on the best sites, bonuses and how to win real money.


Sean Connery, as Chicago beat cop 'Jim Malone' draws out a death scene like no one has managed before or since in a serious film, winning an Oscar for his over-the-top performance in this 1987 feature directed by Brian De Palma.

A scene opens with Malone at home, pouring himself a glass of confiscated moonshine. Suddenly aware of being stalked in the shadows, Malone snarls at his would-be attacker before being sprayed with bullets from a 'Capone' henchman's tommy-gun. 

Cue a ten minute death crawl, followed by a phone call, that most people in shock, sporting over 50 bullet holes would kinda' be incapable of doing.


Pity the fool who must re-watch the sequence where 'Rocky' (Sylvester Stallone) gets annihilated by 'Clubber Lang,' (Mr. T.), in non-stop, gratuitous boxing ring violence...

... with enough punching to stop an elephant, during three solid rounds of pure brutality, But the 'Italian Stallion' manages to get back on his feet in 'Round 4', pulverizing his opponent for a solid win...

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Kill Bill: Vol. 2",  "Face/Off", "Run, Lola Run", "The Untouchables" and "Rocky"...