Friday, June 24, 2016

"Captain Marvel: Civil War"

Take a look @ Marvel Comics' "Captain Marvel" #6, available June 24, 2016, written by Christos Gage, Ruth Gage and illustrated by Kris Anka, with covers by Anka and Pasqual Ferry:

" this 'Civil War II' tie-in, old friends face off as enemies in an event that will change the life of 'Captain Marvel' forever.

"Then as war erupts, 'Carol' finds herself at the forefront of battle.

"But after tragedy hits too close to home, how far will Carol go to fight for what she believes in?

"This is 'Captain Marvel' at her finest. In her toughest fight yet..."

'Carol Danvers' was created by writer Roy Thomas and illustrator Gene Colan, as 'Major Carol Danvers', a member of the 'Air Force' in "Marvel Super-Heroes" #13 (March 1968)... well as the first incarnation of 'Ms. Marvel' in "Ms. Marvel" #1 (January 1977) and in "Captain Marvel" #18 (November 1969).

Carol has also been known as 'Binary', 'Warbird' and 'Captain Marvel'.

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