Thursday, May 05, 2016

Marvel's "Venom: Space Knight"

Take a look @ Marvel Comics' "Venom: Space Knight" #7, available May 11, 2016, written by Robbie Thompson and illustrated by Ariel Olivetti, with a cover by Olivetti :

" 'The Hunt for Black October', 'Venom'makes a solid go as a newly-recruited 'Agent of the Cosmos', aiding the hopeless and oppressed across the galaxy.

"He's even picked up some powerful and powerfully odd allies including 'cyborg 803', serpent-tressed 'Iqa' and mercenary space panda 'Pik Rollo'.

"But even they might not be enough to stop what's coming, as a fearsome new foe has set his sights on the Agents, as Venom's training is about to get intensive..."

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