Sunday, April 03, 2016

"Captain America: Civil War" - More New Footage

Take a look @ a new commercial TV spot, revealing more unseen footage from Marvel Studios' "Captain America: Civil War":

"...gear up with the 'Captain America Scope Vision Helmet' and imagine launching into target practice with 'Cap' himself.

"This 'Scope Vision Helmet' includes a 2-color light-up vision scope that helps with more precise targeting. 

"When the hero-in-training presses the button on the helmet that sends the included projectile launching...

"...Captain America's opponents won't know what hit them!..."

"Then launch into battle like 'Iron Man'! With the 'Slide Blast Armor'...

" can push a button to send armor up their arm and 'armor up' just like Iron Man! 

"Pull the lever on the gauntlet, then push the button a second time to fire 'NERF' darts!

"With the 'Iron Man Slide Blast Armor', kids can imagine joining the battle to save humanity...

"...alongside one of the most technologically advanced Superheroes in the 'Marvel Universe'!..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek Hasbro's "Captain America: Civil War" toys...