Saturday, February 13, 2016

"The Phantom" Unmasked

Take a look @ the 1943 comic book movie serial "The Phantom", revealing the superhero 'Ghost Who Walks', pre-dating both 'Batman' and 'Superman':

Created as a newspaper filler by illustrator Lee Falk in 1936, "The Phantom" origin follows 'Christopher Standish', a cabin boy for explorer Christopher Columbus, who marries and becomes the captain of his own commercial vessel.

But when his ship comes under attack by pirates, Christopher's only son 'Kit', the sole survivor, washes up on a 'distant African shore', befriended by the 'Bandar' tribe of pygmies.

Swearing revenge against 'piracy and injustice', Kit fashions a costume and becomes a feared figure, sporting a skull ring that leaves an impression on his enemies, riding a ghost-white stallion accompanied by a red-eyed wolf.

As each 'Phantom' dies of old age, another son or daughter takes up the mask and the fight against injustice.

"The Phantom" that appears in the current comic strip is Kit's 21st descendant.

The first 1940's 'Phantom' comic books were newspaper reprints published by Ace, King and Harvey comics. Other publishers included Charlton, DC and Marvel.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Phantom"...