Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"Marvel's Agent Carter: Hollywood Ending"

Take a look @ new footage, plus images from the "Marvel's Agent Carter" Season Finale episode "Hollywood Ending", written by Chris Dingess, Michele Fazekas, Tara Butters and directed by Jennifer Getzinger, airing March 1, 2016 on ABC:

"...'Peggy' (Hayley Atwell) needs 'Howard Stark' (Dominic Cooper) to eliminate 'Zero Matter' as they are faced with a mission none of them could come back from..."

"Marvel’s Agent Carter" stars Atwell as 'Agent Peggy Carter', James D'Arcy as 'Edwin Jarvis', Enver Gjokaj as 'Chief Daniel Sousa', Wynn Everett as 'Whitney Frost', Reggie Austin as 'Jason Wilkes' and Chad Michael Murray as 'Chief Jack Thompson'.

Guest stars include Currie Graham as 'Calvin Chadwick', Lotte Verbeek as 'Ana Jarvis', Lesley Boone as 'Rose', Cooper as 'Howard Stark', Ken Marino as 'Joseph Manfredi', Chris Coppola as 'Hank', Tina D’Marco as 'Nonna', Matt Braunger as 'Dr. Samberly' and Malcolm Brock Jones as an 'orderly'.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Marvel's Agent Carter: Hollywood Ending"...