Wednesday, January 06, 2016

'Gwen Stacy': The "Unbelievable Gwenpool"

Preview Marvel Comics' character 'Gwen Stacy' in the "Unbelievable Gwenpool", following in the footsteps of Marvel's "Spider-Gwen", available April 2016 from writer Christopher Hastings and Japanese illustrating team GuriHiru:

"...the result of a themed cover month that saw 'Gwen Stacy' dressed as various characters, the 'Deadpool' take-off proved popular enough to earn back-up stories written by Hastings in 'Howard The Duck'.

"Those spun out into the 'Gwenpool Special' that teamed Hastings up with Japanese artist team GuriHiru, individually known as Chifuyu Sasaki and Naoko Kawan. The crew now plans to chronicle this alternate reality adventurer as she makes her way through the Marvel Universe..."

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