Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Exploring "Red Mars"

Spike TV has greenlit a straight-to-order TV series adapting "Red Mars", based on author Kim Stanley Robinson's novels, about the colonization and 'terraforming' of Mars, to be produced by Skydance Television and "Game Of Thrones" executive producer Vince Gerardis:

"...ultimately more utopian than dystopian, 'Red Mars' focuses on egalitarian, sociological and scientific advances made on Mars, while Earth suffers from overpopulation and ecological disaster..."

The "Red Mars' trilogy includes "Red Mars" (1993), "Green Mars" (1994) and "Blue Mars" (1996).

"The heart of this series tackles the question of what it means to be human", said Spike TV's Sharon Levy, "and can we sustain our humanity under incredible duress..."

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