Tuesday, December 01, 2015

"Doctor Strange" - Rachel McAdams' Role Revealed ?

According to sources the role of actress Rachel McAdams in the new "Doctor Strange" movie has been revealed:

McAdams will play Marvel Comics' character 'Night Nurse'.

Night Nurse aka 'Linda Carter' is best known for her willingness to help injured superheroes. Carter was one of three central characters created by writer Jean Thomas, who first appeared in Marvel's "Night Nurse" #1 (November 1972).

Carter later adopted the name 'Night Nurse' appearing in Marvel's "Daredevil" vol. 2, #58 (May 2004), written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Carter then teamed with Doctor Strange in the five-issue miniseries "Doctor Strange: The Oath" (Dec. 2006 - April 2007), in an effort to help him recover the cure for cancer, which Doctor Strange had brought back from another dimension. 

By the end of "The Oath" Carter and 'Strange' enter into a romantic relationship.

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