Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"DC's Legends Of Tomorrow" - 'Hawkman' Lives

From VancouverFilm.Net, Sneak Peek more new images from the upcoming live-action series, "DC's Legends Of Tomorrow", bringing together DC Comics superheroes, debuting January 21, 2016 on The CW:

"...DC Comics superheroes 'Green Arrow', 'The Flash' and their allies, including 'Rip Hunter', 'Hawkman', 'Hawkgirl' ...

"...and 'The Atom" rally against 'Vandal Savage', an immortal cave man, with dead 'Sara Lance' resurrected in the 'Lazarus Pit'...

" return as 'White Canary', in the opening 2-part episode of 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow'..."

"It has a very different feel," said producer Wendy Mericle about the new series.

"It's really fun. It's turning out to be just really bad-ass..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "DC's Legends of Tomorrow"...