Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"The Walking Dead" Casts A New Villain

According to reports, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played anti-hero the 'Comedian' in director Zack Snyder's "Watchmen", and will be seen as the father of 'Bruce Wayne' in Snyder's "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice", has been cast as a main villain in AMC's "The Walking Dead":

"...Morgan will play the character 'Negan', debuting in the Season 6 finale episode, to be directed by Greg Nicotero, as the violent leader of a group known as the 'Saviors' that uses force and intimidation to subjugate other communities — including 'Alexandria'..."

"There are astonishingly brilliant and thrilling characters that I am convinced we would be idiots not to meet in our journey," said series star Andrew Lincoln aka 'Rick Grimes'. "I would be very surprised if we don't see 'Negan' on the horizon..."

"What struck me, that I've always been excited about, is, we're into the sixth season of this show and it's the medieval part of 'The Walking Dead' comic, where you realize that there are these isolated communities, but don't really know other ones exist.

"But they're all building and forming themselves with their own image. And then there's a clash of those communities. That, to me, is really interesting and when it gets really exciting with all the action. It turns into this insane, near-apocalyptic landscape that we've never seen before. That is almost a reimagining and a restart for society and humanity. And that is such a rich thing to tell."

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