Friday, November 06, 2015

Angelina Jolie In "WSJ."

Sneak Peek new images of actress, writer, director Angelina Jolie in the November 2015 issue of "WSJ." magazine, promoting her new film "By the Sea", opening November 13, 2015:

"I didn’t know if I could make film and I didn't think I could write film, so I wrote with a certain amount of freedom," Jolie said about "By the Sea", her third movie as director and her first screenplay.

"She has never been a person who hides," said husband Brad Pitt. "She’s utterly forthcoming and sincere about who she is. You have to understand that this is a woman who never knew she'd make it to 40.

"This is a woman who had watched her mother, aunt and grandmother become sick and eventually succumb, all at an early age. Her drive, her absolute value in herself, is defined by the impact she can have during her time here—for her kids and for the underprivileged and those suffering injustices."

"I grew up in L.A.," said Angelina, "where focus is very inward. I didn't know why I was so destructive and miserable. I didn’t appreciate or understand my life...I was raised in a place where if you have fame and money and you’re decent-looking and have the ability to work in this industry, you have everything in the world. Then you attain those things and realize you still couldn’t be more empty. I didn’t know where to put myself."

"I don’t want to speak up just to be on record. I’m not somebody who believes that just to criticize is going to make a difference."

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