Friday, September 18, 2015

"Spider-Man 2099"

Sneak Peek Marvel Comics' "Spider-Man 2099" #1, written by Peter David and illustrated by Lee Will Sliney, with covers by Francesco Mattina, Kris Anka, Rick Leonadri and Afu Chan available October 14, 2015:

"...eight months have passed since the end of 'Secret Wars'. With a steady job at 'Parker Industries', a stable relationship, and a life in the present day -- 'Spider-Man 2099' is no more!

"That's right, 'Miguel O'Hara' has hung up the webs. But when a dangerous new threat appears and puts his new life in jeopardy, he's got no choice but to suit up once more.

"Donning some new threads and a new attitude, prepare for a wallcrawler unlike any you've seen before..."

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