Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Marvel's "Gambit" Movie Updates

According to reports, actress Léa Seydoux ("SPECTRE") has been offered the female lead in director Rupert Wyatt's "X-Men" solo feature "Gambit", starring Channing Tatum:

Seydoux would play mutant 'Bella Donna Boudreaux', originally the childhood sweetheart of 'Remy LeBeau' aka the mutant 'Gambit'.

In adulthood, the two become bitter enemies after Bella assumes leadership from her father as head of the 'Assassin's Guild', while Remy leads the 'Thieve's Guild'.

Created by Jim Lee and Scott Lobdell for Marvel Comics, Bella debuted in "X-Men" (Volume 2) #8.

Her powers include Astral Projection, Blast Power, Magic (voodoo) and Stealth. 

She is also able to release 'plasmic' energy from her hands. While the full extent of her 'psionic' powers have yet to be revealed, she is able to gain access to the 'Astral Plane'....

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