Friday, June 26, 2015

"Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice" - 'Major Carrie Farris'

According to actress Christina Wren who reprises her "Man Of Steel" character 'Major Carrie Farris' in "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice", Carrie could evolve into a popular DC Comics' superhero:

"So there’s some gossip," said Wren.

" character’s name is 'Carrie Farris'.

"There’s a character named 'Carol Farris' who's the 'Green Lantern' girlfriend...

"...who turns into this superhero, 'Star Sapphire'..."

" immortal race of 'Zamaron' warrior women possessed the ancient tradition of choosing mortals from across the cosmos to serve as 'host body' for their Queen, calling the chosen woman, 'Star Sapphire'. 

"The queen's symbolic weapon is a crystal resembling a star sapphire granting the user powers similar to the power ring of a 'Green Lantern'...

"'Carol Ferris' was vice president of 'Ferris Aircraft' and former love interest of 'Hal Jordan'. After employing Jordan for a time as a pilot, he left to resume his Air Force career, while she was sent a violet-hued  power ring . 

"Following the death of Queen Aga'po, Carol is named the Star Sapphires' new queen, designated the most powerful Star Sapphire in the universe..."

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