Thursday, May 07, 2015

"The Birder" On DVD - May 12, 2015

Sneak Peek footage from director  Ted Bezaire's comedy feature "The Birder", starring Tom Cavanagh {"The Flash"), with Graham Greene, Mark Rendall, Fred Willard, Cassidy Renee and Allana Harkin, available on DVD May 12, 2015 from Anchor Bay Entertainment:

"...High school teacher Ron Spencer' (Cavanagh) is a bird watching enthusiast. Despite the enjoyment he finds in birding, his wife has thrown him out of the house and his daughter is drifting away from him.

"Ron has something he's been looking forward to for a while. He's expecting to land his dream job as 'Head of Ornithology' at the National Park. But his hopes crumble when a younger, hipper guy, 'Floyd Hawkins', gets the position. Outraged and hurt, Ron can't believe the turns of events in his life and for lack of a place to stay, starts living at his high school for the summer.

"While there, Ron bumps into 'Ben' (Rendall), a janitor who's one of Ron's former students. Ben sympathizes with Ron and comes up with a scheme to smear Floyd’s perfect image in an effort to get him fired, making the way clear for Ron..."

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