Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Strangerland" - New Footage

Sneak Peek footage, plus set images of Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman in director Kim Farrant's Australian thriller "Strangerland", co-starring Joseph Fiennes and Hugo Weaving, opening July 10, 2015:

"...'Catherine' (Kidman) and 'Matthew Parker' (Fiennes) are trying to adjust to their new life in the remote Australian desert town of 'Nathgari', keeping to themselves, unwilling to get close to anyone.

"Then on the eve of a massive dust storm, their lives are rocked when their two teenage children, 'Lily' and 'Tom' disappear into the desert.

"With Nathgari now eerily smothered in red dust and darkness, the locals join the search lead by local cop 'David Rae' (Weaving). Suspicions are cast and rumors spread, with ancient Aboriginal stories told in whispers as the locals begin to turn against the couple. With temperatures rising and the chances of survival plummeting with each passing day, Catherine and Matthew find themselves pushed to the brink, as they struggle to survive with the uncertainty of their children’s fate..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Strangerland"...