Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More "Arrow" and "The Flash" Spin-Offs

According to The CW, home of  comic book TV series "Arrow" and "The Flash",  "Arrow" showrunner Marc Guggenheim will develop another new series, based on a DC Comics female superhero living in the same shared universe:

Guggenheim will produce the animated superhero series "Vixen", to air on The CW's digital-only network, CW Seed.

'Vixen', aka 'Mari Jiwe McCabe' was created by writer Gerry Conway and illustrator Bob Oksner, debuting in DC's "Action Comics" #521 (July 1981).

'Vixen' possesses the innate ability to make direct contact with the Earth's 'morphogenetic field', aka the 'Red'. By focusing on a specific animal, she can draw its skill and mimic its abilities, thus giving herself a variety of superhuman powers. 

Vixen has used the flight of a hawk, the ability to breathe under water like a fish, the swimming ability and sonar of a dolphin, the speed of a cheetah, the constriction of an anaconda, the strength of a bull elephant, the agility of a spider monkey, etc.

"...the 'CW Seed' is The CW’s digital-only network. It’s where we blur the line between television and the web and experiment with high-quality original series in smaller sizes.

"Basically, it’s where we go digging for what’s next..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Vixen"...