Monday, March 23, 2015

"Gotham": 'Barbara Kean' Revealed

Sneak Peek new revealing images of Erin Richards aka 'Barbara Kean' in "Gotham", the future wife of 'Commissioner Jim Gordon' and mother of 'Batgirl', in a new photo session for "Esquire Magazine":

"...'Barbara Kean' is an art gallery owner and fiancee of 'James Gordon', with a past romantic history with 'Renee Montoya', another police officer. Barbara loved Gordon, but Montoya attempted to convince Kean that Gordon was corrupt and murdered an innocent man, 'Mario Pepper' and killed gangster 'Oswald Cobblepot' for boss 'Carmine Falcone'.

"Barbara left town and left a note for Gordon saying she's afraid and can't be brave enough to stay. Barbara later listens to Gordon call as she sleeps in bed with Montoya.

"Barbara was shown to have regretted leaving Gordon as Renee tries to convince her to let her talk to Gordon. When Barbara later calls up Gordon's penthouse, 'Ivy Pepper' answers the phone and states that she is a friend of Gordon. Mistakenly assuming that Gordon has another woman in his life now, Barbara tells her to 'Go to Hell'..."

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