Tuesday, December 09, 2014

"The Marvel Experience"

Hero Ventures, an LA-based entertainment company has confirmed that "The Marvel Experience", an immersive adventure experience will see guests interact with the world of Marvel superheroes and super-villains, with unique technical elements including 3D 360˚ video projection, first-person 'live' interactivity and a dynamic 4D motion ride.

"Traditional entertainment design is evolving," said Jeremiah J. Harris, Executive Producer of The Marvel Experience.

"Technology, guest interaction, and immersive storytelling need to be balanced seamlessly together to realize the next generation of experience-based entertainment. For Marvel Entertainment and Hero Ventures, that means taking the world of Marvel directly to fans, on a scale never before toured, and letting them enter that world fully.

"The Marvel Experience", a touring complex covering over 140,000 square feet, featuring seven interlocked, air-inflated Domes, will offer guests a variety of show systems from 3D, 360-degree stereo projection to atmospheric lighting, audio, animatronics, virtual, augmented reality, and projection mapping—all while being interconnected to the experience via 'RFID' in the form of a technologically advanced 'tracking' band.

"...the crowning jewel of the experience is the final battle featuring the largest touring, motion-based attraction in the world where guests are able to participate in the outcome of the mission..."

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