Monday, December 08, 2014

"Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice" - Will 'Supes' Get A Good Game?

From BigGameHunterCa:

"...maybe it's the fact he's too powerful or perhaps developers just can't seem to get a good grasp on flying mechanics, but poor ol' 'Superman' can't seem to catch a break in the realm of video games.

"The guy who's known to his 'Daily Planet' coworkers as 'Clark Kent' has had a rough go of it in terms of gaming, what with nearly every title featuring his superhero alias going up in flames.

"Let's just take a look in the past, shall we? Just get ready, folks, because it's going to get ugly. Without wasting too much time on earlier titles, let's jump right to what many see as the worst video game ever, 'Superman' on the Nintendo 64. Words can't really describe just how bad and disappointing this game was, so I'm moving forward a few years.

"How about the more recent game, 'Superman Returns'? This 2006 game had to be decent, right, what with modern gaming technology? Wrong. It may not be one of the worst games of all time, but its atrocious reviews speak for themselves. 

"Summing up the terrible title perfectly is the AV Club, who notes in their review that "A making-of documentary on how such a precious franchise was so flagrantly mishandled would be far more entertaining than anything the game has to offer...Ouch...

"Honestly, if you want to find, play, and actually enjoy successful takes on Superman and his narrative in the gaming world, you have to look elsewhere and for far simpler options. Two relatively recently released titles come to mind. The first is "Superman: Last Son of Krypton", which you can play at InterCasino. They describe it as a chance to 'maneuver through meteor fields' while facing challenges from arch-nemesis 'Lex Luthor'—and it all comes in the form of a wonderfully animated arcade title. 

"As for the second, you can take on the role of Superman in the game 'Injustice: Gods Among Us', which is available for all major consoles. While playing as the 'Man of Steel', you are tasked with taking on a slew of opponents from the DC Comics universe in a fighting game that's better than the 'Mortal Kombat' titles it emulates.

"Could it be, however, that this may all change with the next entry in Zack Snyder's Superman series, 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice'?  It certainly feels that way with all the hype, promotion, and, honestly, great-looking imagery that's been released so far. While it's nearly impossible to judge a film based on photos from the set, you can at least get the sense that they're going in a darker direction that should serve the film well. Also, Snyder's revelation that he's a fan of the 'Dark Knight Returns' graphic novels is nothing short of excellent news, as that miniseries is a superb launching pad for his take on 'Batman'.

"But Batman is the least of our worries here, as the guy has had more than fair share of great gaming experiences. It's Superman who deserves better—the same goes for film, too, as 'Man of Steel' was just OK—and the hope is that 'Batman v. Superman' can be the spark that his character needs in video games. After all, if using a jetpack (and a number of other flying devices) has been intuitive enough in the 'Grand Theft Auto' franchise, why can't someone get it right with Supes?!..."

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