Saturday, November 01, 2014

More Footage From "The Walking Dead: Slabtown"

Sneak Peek new images, plus behind-the-scenes footage from "Slabtown", the fourth episode of Season 5 of AMC's  horror action series "The Walking Dead", written by Matthew Negrete and directed by Michael E. Satrazemis, airing November 2, 2014, featuring the return of character 'Beth Greene' (Emily Kinney):

" the episode 'Slabtown', 'Beth Greene' (Kinney) wakes up to find herself in a locked hospital room, with an IV attached to her arm..."

The character 'Beth Greene', created by former series showrunner Glen Mazzara, debuted in the Season 2 episode of "The Walking Dead", titled "Bloodletting".

Unlike most of the characters in the show, she has no counterpart in Robert Kirkman's graphic novels the series is based on. 

Beth is the daughter of veterinarian, farmer 'Hershel Greene' and younger half-sister of 'Maggie' (Lauren Cohan). She joins the group led by 'Rick Grimes' after her family's farm is overrun by 'walkers'.

The character's first major story arc involves her contemplating suicide following the disposal of the undead corpses of her mother, brother and friends, until she changes her mind. While at the prison, Beth spends much of her time taking care of 'Judith', the baby daughter of Rick . By season four, Beth grows close to 'Daryl'. 

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