Monday, November 17, 2014

"Gotham: Harvey Dent"

Sneak Peek more clips of footage from the "Gotham" episode "Harvey Dent" airing November 17, 2014 on Fox:

"...trying to close the 'Wayne' murder case, a young 'Harvey Dent' (Nicholas D’Agosto) and 'Gordon' (Ben Mackenzie) team up, much to the chagrin of 'Mayor James’ (Richard Kind).

"Meanwhile, 'Penguin' makes contact with the secret weapon of 'Mooney' (Jada Pinkett Smith), the seductress 'Liza' (Makenzie Leigh)..."

Debuting in "Detective Comics" #66 (Aug. 1942), created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, 'Harvey Dent' aka 'Two-Face', was a clean-cut district attorney of 'Gotham City' and an ally of 'Batman'. 

But Dent goes insane after mob boss 'Sal Maroni' throws acid at him during a trial, hideously scarring the left side of his face.

Dent adopts the 'Two-Face' persona and becomes a criminal, choosing to bring about good or evil based upon the outcome of a coin flip.

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