Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Arrow": Enter 'Black Canary'

Sneak Peek the first official images of actress Katie Cassidy as 'Black Canary' from The CW's DC comics adaptation "Arrow" and the episode titled "Left Behind":

'Laurel Lance' is a former legal aid attorney, as well as an assistant district attorney, the daughter of 'Dinah' and 'Quentin Lance', older sister of the murdered 'Sara Lance', the ex-girlfriend and on/off love interest of 'Oliver Queen', the ex-girlfriend of the late 'Tommy Merlyn' and best friend of fellow lawyer 'Joanna de la Vega'.

Laurel held on to the belief that the 'Arrow was a killer until she and her father were rescued by Arrow after they were captured by 'Barton Mathis'.

When she becomes suspicious of 'Sebastian Blood' she approaches Arrow for help, but is discredited when her drug addiction is brought to light.

But after discovering that Oliver is the Arrow, she chooses not to hunt him, but instead aid him in his crusade..."

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